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Hello! I'm Michelle Semones and I am the Teen Coordinator for Youth Services. Welcome to the Roddenbery Memorial Library Teen Room!  We are more than just a room to read and do homework.  Located between the Maker Space and the AV section, the Teen Room offers a large variety of Young Adult fiction and non-fiction books, graphic novels, and manga. 


The Teen Room is a space for youth ages 12 - 18 that offers computers, a tablet station for reading webtoons, comfy chill out chairs, tabletop games galore, charging stations for hand held devices, free Wi-Fi, a space to play on an Oculus (Virtual Reality gaming) and other video game consoles.  We also host various events just for teens throughout the month. 


Need homework help, information on colleges, financial aid, or scholarships?  No problem! Contact the library to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions regarding Teen Room events you can also contact me at or call (229) 377-3632 ext 102.

Teen Programs

Please see the slide show above or our program calendar on our home page for a schedule of Sept - Dec Teen Programs.


Teen Volunteers/TAB

Teen Advisory Board

The Teen Advisory Board (TAB) provides opportunities for teens (ages 14 - 18) to enhance leadership skills by planning & promoting teen programs, providing volunteer support, & allowing teens to make a difference in their community. TAB is for teens in need of volunteer hours for a school club or a homeschool student in need of volunteer hours for their transcripts.


TAB members are required to submit a letter from their school's club advisor stating their club's volunteer hour requirements and a copy of their Community Service Log. If an applicant is home schooled, then a letter from the parent/guardian stating why their child needs volunteer hours, how many hours needed, and a copy of their Community Service Log. Teens also must have a signed permission slip from a parent/guardian giving them permission to participate in TAB for their volunteer hours.


*Applying for TAB does NOT mean you will be accepted. Applicants will need to complete an interview by the Teen Coordinator. in addition to an application.

TAB members are REQUIRED to attend and ACTIVELY participate in monthly meetings. Members will receive 1 volunteer hour for attendance. Teens will have opportunity to earn more hours when providing volunteer support at programs if needed. If you are interested, please complete our online application by clicking the button below.

Resources & Homework Help


Driving Tests

Practice tests to help you prepare for the GA Department of Driver Services tests for vehicle licenses, including car, motorcycle, and CDL tests.

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Study Help

Khan Academy offers exercises & instructional videos that allow lerners to study at their own pace. Test prep (SAT, Praxis, & LSAT) content, Math, Science, History, Computing, Economics, Art History, & more!


Homeschool Resources

Whether you're new or a pro, discover free homeschool tools that make homeschooling a little bit easier.


Refrencing Help for Essays

Referencing shows the reader of your work where the information you have used comes from. This is important because it protects you from plagiarism, shows you've carried out thorough research & allows your reader to find the sources you've read. 

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