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Summer Reading at RML

Hey there! Did you know that kids tend to lose significant knowledge in reading and math over summer break? It's called the summer slide, and it can have a snowball effect as kids experience subsequent skill loss each year. But don't worry, you can help your children beat the summer slide by bringing them to the library for some fun programs and encouraging them to check out books, backpacks, and other cool items!
Plus, you can sign up for Summer Reading on Beanstack by clicking the image below. It's a fantastic way to keep your kids engaged and excited about learning throughout the summer. And if you don't have the app yet, no problem! You can find links to download it for Android or Apple below. Let's beat the summer slide together!

June 1 - July 31

Scroll down to see schedule below.



To better serve you, the Roddenbery Memorial Library uses the platform, Beanstack, to make it easier for you to participate in our Summer Reading Challenges.

Beanstack is an easy to use tracking app you can use to watch the progress of the reading challenges for both you and your family members.

You can create your Beanstack account on the web or in the app, join your age group's Summer Reading challenge, and start logging minutes read on June 1st.

How to create an account on the web

  • Go to the Beanstack landing page

  • Click Register as an Individual or Family

  • Fill out your information

  • Then add your child as a Reader to your account

  • Sign up for available challenges

  • Start logging!


How to create an account in the app

  • Download the Beanstack Tracker app from the App Store or Google Play

  • Open the app, touch Find Your School or Library

  • Type in “Roddenbery Memorial Library”

  • Touch Sign up!

  • Follow the prompts to enter your information

  • Touch Add a Reader to add family members

  • Touch Discover at the bottom of the screen to sign up for a reading challenge

Daycares, Summer camps, and other large groups.

In order to accomodate these groups, you MUST schedule visits with our Children's Coordinator in advance. Groups who do not schedule in advance may not be accomodated.

Please contact our coordinator at:
229-377-3632 ext 124

Summer 2023 (Kids).png
Summer 2023 (Kids) (1).png

For any questions regarding programs please call our Youth Services Department.
- ext 124 or ext 102

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