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National Library Week 2024

Discover more at your library and the benefits of a library card and why your local library is great!

Having a library card at Roddenbery Memorial Library, comes with numerous benefits:

  1. Access to a vast collection: With a library card, you can borrow books, audiobooks, DVDs, ukuleles, learning tablets, and other materials available. This gives you access to a wide range of resources for entertainment, education, and research.

  2. Online resources: Our library provides access to online databases, e-books, and digital resources. Your library card allows you to access these resources from the comfort of your home, including academic journals, language learning tools, and more.

  3. Interlibrary loan services: If our library doesn't have a specific item you're looking for, we offer interlibrary loan services. This means we can request materials from other libraries on your behalf, expanding your access to a broader range of resources.

  4. Free programs and events: Roddenbery Memorial Library hosts a variety of programs and events, such as author readings, book clubs, workshops, and children's activities. With your library card, you can participate in these events for free!

  5. Computer and internet access: Roddenbery Memorial Library offers free computer and internet access to cardholders. This can be particularly valuable for individuals who may not have access to these resources at home. We also have Chromebooks and hotspots available to check out with your library card.

  6. Research assistance: Our staff are trained to help you with research and finding information. With your library card, you can take advantage of our expertise and receive assistance with your research projects or finding specific materials.

  7. Discounts and partnerships: We offer discounts or partnerships with attractions in our state for cardholders. This includes discounted tickets to museums, state parks, and  other attractions in the state.

Overall, having a library card at Roddenbery Memorial Library, not only grants you access to a wealth of resources but also connects you with a supportive community of fellow readers and learners.

Come join us for pop up events in Grady County to discover what your library can do for you!

Check out our event schedule below.

Coffee Break

April 8

Delicious Delights

195 3rd St SE

Cairo, GA 39828


April 9

Cairo Best Laundry
191 MLK Jr. Ave SW
Cairo, GA 39828


Bank teller.jpeg

April 10

First National Bank
600 N. Broad St
Cairo, GA 



April 11

Tractor Supply
1000 1st Ave NE
Cairo, GA 39828


Chicken Farm
Movie Fun

April 12

207 N. Broad St
Cairo, GA 39828


This campaign was made possible by a marketing grant from Georgia Public Library Service.

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